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Bars and plates

Trithon bars and plates for crossfit and bodybuilding High quality barbells for the people who wants a good barbell with excellent knurl and rotation. Our bars in the TR2 and TR3 series are of 216.000 PSI steel and can withstand weightlifting abuse. Coupled with the Hi Rep bumpers you get the perfect match for the functional training workout or strength training.

Rigs in all sizes

Rigs and racks

Rigs for pullups and squatsBuild your own rig or buy a rig for squat, pull-ups og whatever you like. The R6 rigs are made og 60x60x3 mm steel and are easily bolted together at your gym.

Foam rollers for all

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Foam rollers in all sizesCheck out our product line of foam rollers. The foam rollers are a great tool for getting better performance, less muscle soreness and come in both soft and hard variants.

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